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  • ABOUT MEMBERSHIPS - Elevation Polish



Welcome to elevation polish membership page.

All Spots are currently full.

A limited amount of spots (actual spots and wait list spots) will be available May 8th (late afternoon between 12pm-4pm, central)
Domestic USA spots are full
International spots are full
Wait list is full

How to get a membership:
When spots are available this page will be updated with instructions as to how to get a membership. Which normally means emailing me during a certain time frame with a specifically titled email. At this time all spots are full. Next available spots will be open May 8th

What is an elevation polish membership?
An amazingly great idea a customer gave me. It's a way for collectors and fans to order the polishes they want at each restock. No waiting around for me to restock, no dealing with sold out polishes, etc.

How much does it cost? Are there any requirements to becoming a member?
Membership is totally free. I'd love to keep membership spots for those who are regular customers, fans and collectors. The only requirement I have is that you have placed at least 2 orders with us in the last 2 months (from the time you request a membership.)

I'm in. How do I order my polishes?
We have recently implemented a newer ordering system. At the beginning of each month, you will receive an email with the Members Only password that allows you access to the membership ordering system through the link on the Elevation Polish store’s main page. We have member dedicated stock, so you do not run the risk of not getting the polishes you want. The password is valid from when you receive it through the 28th of the month. We shut down the member site on the 28th of the month to give us a few days to prepare for the next months collection. Samples and SBPs are not included in the members-only ordering system.

How do I keep my membership active?
Ordering 1 polish or more a month keeps your elevation polish membership. Ordering none for the month is considered a skip. Skipping 2 months in a row will result in the loss of your spot to make room for others. Here is an example skip time line:
1st-28th of Month 1: no order = SKIP
2 options
1st-28th of Month 2: SKIP = loss of your membership spot
1st-28th of Month 2: Order polishes = your membership remains active

Can I choose sample colors with my membership?
Currently, I cannot offer the sample/one of a kinds & SBPS to all my members due to the limited stock of each of the samples..

Please Note:
Polishes for Charities, Collaborations, Samples & SBPs are not included in the elevation polish membership. If a problem or question does arise please email me at elevationpolish(at)gmail(.com)

Last Updated: May 1st (3pm, central)